Why Should I Join the Kansas City Whiskey Club?

Access to other local tasting notes

Meeting, tasting, talking, posting, sharing.  With a large group of local members, our format helps expose overpriced and underwhelming whiskeys.  Thus saving money on bottles that catch your eye or have great online (unknown source) reviews, but you aren't quite sure of.   By sharing notes as described, your membership costs can be recovered many times over.   

Access to the Member Forum and Groupme

This is an easy way to find out what other members have stocked deep in their bar and determine if you can swap/trade with them to better complete each collection.  Both the Member Forum and the Groupme app allows members to communicate by uploading real time pics of elusive unicorns and post where they are located.  This is a great tool to communicate with other paid KCWC members only, unlike a texting app that allows everyone to participate.  It helps to limit whiskey flippers from buying up all of the limited allocations in Kansas City to sell on the secondary market.  These forums are a fantastic resource to communicate with other KCWC members to buy, sell, and trade all things whiskey.  See popular bottles on shelves as they release or ask someone to “mule” something for you.  This becomes increasingly important as many of our members travel extensively for work.

Access to Barrel Picks

Get invited to travel out of town or enjoy sample bottles mailed in from distilleries around the country.  Taste and weigh in with other members as local retailers purchase an entire barrel with labels calling out their store and the KCWC

Discounted liquor

We have partnered with several local liquor stores to negotiate discounts for all KCWC members.  Typically this manifests thru certain bottles as each product category and even brands all provide different levels of margin.  As retailers they can not offer just a “blanket discount” but are typically excited to work with us for specific options.  

Discounted Admission to Quarterly Events and one free raffle

ticket entry

With each local chapter meeting monthly to taste and review whiskeys, the Kansas City Whiskey Club hosts larger events that allows the entire club to gather a minimum of 4 times per year. These events include some sampling, presentations, barrel pick releases, guest speakers, product raffles, etc.

Discounted Merchandise

Do you want to save some money as you show off your KCWC pride via hats, shirts, stickers and glassware?  Anyone can shop our merchandise, but only members receive a discount!

Avenue to socialize make new friends

It is much more fun to open a new bottle with 5 to 7 other people.  A shared experience, is a better experience when it comes to describing the nose, palette, and finish of that whiskey that you have been excited to taste.  In an online world where many of our friends are avatars, its great to meet, sip, and enjoy the company of others that enjoy WHISKEY!